Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Tribute To Our Medics and Corpsmen; RIP Philadelphia Police Officer Moses Walker, JR

"Save To Serve Again."...109th Medical Battalion

As a former Air Force medic myself, I thought I'd take a few moments to honor those who live by the motto "not for self, but for others."

Savior Down

It was raining blood on blood,
as tracers lit up the black sky---
like hundreds of shooting stars on a Montana summer night.

The medic tended to another fallen hero.
Feeling a beating pulse stronger and faster than a Ringo drum roll,
he smiled.

In the distance, another familiar dry for a savior..."Medic!" "Medic!"
He leaped to his feet and ran like he did a lifetime ago
through fields of mud, helmets and cleats.

In his third stride, he felt a sudden, violent burning detonation in his chest.
His ribs cracked as both knees buckled.

Face up, he watched the shooting stars in the night sky,
momentarily reminding him of Independence Day back home.

His eyes finally faded into he felt his heart thirst for one more beat that would not come.

A savior was down.
(Jerry Komar)

Battlefield Angels

I am with you...
Whispered the corpsmen to another fallen hero.

I am with you...
He repeated as he wiped the crimson tears streaming down the young Marine's face.

The Marine's eyes opened slowly as he struggled to smile.
He knew Taps would not sound.
For he knew he was saved by a battlefield angel.

As his pain faded and his eyelids grew heavy, once again the young Marine
heard the soft whisper of the battlefield angel...

I am with you.
(Jerry Komar)

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