Thursday, June 19, 2014

There Are Heroes And Then There Are Heroes Like Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter: Medal Of Honor Recipient

"No guts, no glory."...Major Gen. Frederick Blesse

Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter: Medal of Honor Recipient

Cpl. Kyle Carpenter was awarded our nation's highest honor today---The Medal Of Honor.

On the morning of Nov. 21, 2010, Cpl. Carpenter, an automatic rifleman with the 1st Marine Division, was standing guard on a rooftop in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He pounced on an enemy grenade to shield a fellow Marine who was standing watch with him. The blast seat of the grenade was found under Carpenter indicating he had indeed jumped on a live grenade.

The blast left him wounded from the top of his head to his feet. His helmet was riddled with holes and his gear had melted from the blast. While being treated for his injuries, he went into cardiac arrest three times. The doctors brought him back to life each time.

Subsequently, Cpl. Carpenter was in a coma for five weeks. That was followed by 40 surgeries over more than two years. He suffered a brain injury including a collapsed lung, a right arm broken in 30 places and fractured fingers. In addition to multiple skin crafts, he received a prosthetic eye, a new jaw and new teeth.

"The enemy killed me. I came back, ran a marathon, completed a mud run and jumped from a plane. I won't ever quit. I'm just getting started," said Carpenter.

He is now retired from the Marine Corps and is a student at the University of South Carolina.

After receiving the Medal of Honor today, he said he accepted the Medal for his fellow Marines who died in combat.

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  1. Thank You for all you did !! may you graduate at the top of your class . the LORD bless you and keep you !!!!!!!!!