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Honoring Air Force Capt. Barry F. Crawford, Jr.; RIP FDNY Lt. Rich Nappi; RIP Police Sgt.Maxwell Dorley; Marine Infrantry School To Enroll Women; Military Career Expos; Stand Up For Standown

'We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."---Will Rogers

Captain Barry F. Crawford, Jr. (Above) To Receive Highest Air Force Honor

Special Operations Combat Controllers call in air strikes. In addition, they call in communications during covert operations.

On May 4, 2010 in Afghanistan, Capt. Barry Crawford, Jr., did that and more.  On that day, during a 14 hour battle,  Captain Crawford controlled 33 aircraft and well over 40 strafing and bombing air strikes. He managed doing this while exposing himself to enemy fire in an open field to guide in medevac helicopters on two separate occasions.

Captain Crawford is an Air Force Academy graduate and is currently an A-10 (Warthog) pilot trainee.
(Daily Times)

FDNY Lt. Rich Nappi, a 9/11 Hero, Dies in Brooklyn Fire

On April 16, 2011, FDNY Lieutenant Rich Nappi gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting a blaze in a Brooklyn commercial building.  He was overcome by heat and smoke. He collapsed suffering a heart attack.

Lt. Nappi responded to the 9/11 WTC attacks with Engine 7. "He responded with valor to the World Trade Center attacks. This is a tragic day for New York City," said Mayor Bloomberg. He was a 17 year veteran of the FDNY
(NY Post)

RIP Providence Police Department Sgt. Maxwell Dorley

Providence RI Police Department Sgt. Maxwell Dorley was killed on April 19, 2012, when his patrol car hit a utility poll.

Sgt. Dorley was a 16 veteran of the police department. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Marine Women To Attend Infantry Training

For the first time, The Marine Corps school that trains infantry combat officers will enroll female students.  The Marine Corps did not allow female Marines in this program instead directing them to assignments in support role.
(A TODAY/Marine Corps Times)

Military Career Expos

Throughout May, military career expos will be held throughout the country. The upcoming expos will be held in the following cities:

  • Cherry Hill, NJ on May 1
  • Baltimore, MD on May 3
  • Fort Bragg, NC on May 15
  • Camp Lejeune, NC on May 16
  • Colorado Springs, CO on May 22
  • Chicago, IL on May 24.
For more information to to at

Information About Homeless Veterans

If there's anything that breaks my heart, it's when I see a homeless veteran. There should not be one homeless veteran on any street in America---ever. For more information about homeless veterans visit

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