Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marines In NYC To Help With Hurricane Sandy Relief; Forgotten Veterans Get Proper Burials; Veteran Has Advice For Other Veterans In Finding Employment; November: Military Family Appreciation Month

"Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem."...Ronald Reagan

Marines Arrive in NYC To Help With Sandy Relief

Today Marines arrived in Staten Island to assist residents and local authorities coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Marines are attached to the Combat Logistics Battalion 26 out of Camp Lejeune, N.C.  Joining the logistics Marines are Marines from Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 out of Cherry Point, N.C. Another 30 Marines entered Queens today from the 8th Engineer Support Battalion

The Marines will be helping in clean-up and transportation. Cpl. Thomas Cavallo, who grew up on Long Island and has family in Brooklyn and Bay Shore said, "It feels good to help the people I grew up with."

On Saturday, a group of about 20 Marines entered Hoboken to remove debris and repair a ferry pier.

"We're just going house to house to see who needs help. It feels amazing to help out other U.S. citizens, giving back the support they give us," said Cpl. Cavallo.
Military Times

Forgotten Veterans  Get Proper Burials

Six veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam, who either had no family left or families could not afford to bury them, where buried this weekend with honors at Greenwood Cemetery in Superior, Wisconsin.

Kudos to the generosity of local businesses and individuals who raised almost $5000 needed to bury the six veterans. Joe Penney, who led the effort to have the six veterans buried, said, "I've never seen this many businesses get together on anything in my life."

Veteran Helps Other Veterans Find Employment

Steve Repak, an Army veteran himself, offers valuable advice for other veterans looking for employment.  He left the Army after 10 years and had amassed over $30,000 of debt. After his discharge,  he said he felt like he was "thrown to the sharks." He's now a financial planner and has some suggestions for vets in finding employment, including how to manage their money wisely. He offered the following tips:

  • Don't limit your job search. "Don't pigeonhole yourself; go after something you feel passionate about," he advises.
  • Remember: "Be All You Can Be."  Bush up on your skills and network. "You can't control what is going on in the job market but you can control how many applications you submit."
  • Use your military contacts.
  • Stop Spending.
  • Have a strategy for your paychecks. He advises people to craft a plan where no more than 80% of their income goes towards bills and other living expenses. The other 20% should be set aside as savings and charitable giving. Data shows that 77% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck. Repak says, "Don't be like everybody else."
NY Post

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