Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 2014 Bad Month For Law Enforcement; Canadian Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Mourned

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October 2014: A Bad Month For Law Enforcement 

Last week, two rookies NYPD officers from Queens were injured, one critically, when they were blind-sided in an attacked by an axe wielding man. 

Officeer Kenneth Healey, 25,  was struck in the head. Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, was struck in the arm. Healey was listed in critical but stable condition the days after the incident. Today, it was reported he's actually walking on his own.  Meeker was released from the hospital earlier this week.
NY Post

Meanwhile In California...

On October 24, 2014, Investigator Michael David Davis, Jr. of the Placer Country Sheriff's Department, was shot and killed while taking part in a massive manhunt for the murderer of Deputy Sheriff  Danny Oliver of  Sacramento County.

Both Sheriffs were 15 year veterans of their respective departments.
Officer Down Memorial Page

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Funeral Held

Yesterday, the funeral for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Cpl. Cirillo was gunned down while standing guard at the National War Monument in Ottawa last week. The attacker later went to the Parliament Hill where he was killed by hero sgt.-at-arms Kevin Vickers, 58.  Vickers is a retired Royal Canadian Mountie.
CBC News


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