Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Army SSgt. Clinton Romesha: Medal of Honor; Walmart's Pledge To Hire 100,000 Veterans; Veteran Unemployment Rates

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of great example...Disraeli

Former Army Staff Sergeant To Receive Medal of Honor

On February 11, 2013, former army SSgt. Clinton Romesha will be awarded the Medal of Honor for courageous actions and valor in Afghanistan in 2009. 

On Oct. 3, 2009,  SSgt. Romesha repelled one of the deadliest attacks against U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Romesha was attached to the 61st Cav Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team with the 4th Infantry Division.

Approximately 100 Taliban fighters attacked Combat Outpost Keating leaving 8 Americans killed and 22 others wounded. 

SSgt. Romesha took out an enemy machine gun team and was injured when he engaged another one. While injured, Romesha led a five-man team and continued repelling Taliban attackers. According to his citation, he moved about the battlefield engaging and destroying multiple enemy targets. While still under enemy fire, Romesha saved several of his troops and retrieved the bodies of other fallen soldiers.

The attack and Romesha's heroism was profiled in the book "The Outpost" by Jake Tapper, formerly of ABC News.
ABC News/USA Today

Walmart Pledges To Hire 100,000 Veterans

This week, Walmart pledged to hire 100,000 veterans in the next five years.  In addition, Walmart pledged to also hire any veteran who wants a job. 

The program will officially kick off this coming Memorial Day.
Washington Post

Veteran Unemployment Rates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans is currently at 10% (Nov). That rate is higher than the 6.6% overall rate for all veterans. 

Among female veterans of both ware, the rate is even more sobering sitting at 12.9%, nearly double the 6.9% rate for women, both military and non-military.

Note: Veterans can navigate this blog for many resources to help them find jobs.

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