Monday, December 17, 2012

Mexico: Free U.S. Marine Jon Hammar; RIP Police Officers Jeff Atherly & David Gogian

"Never Leave A Man Behind."

Mexico Holds U.S. Marine Jon Hammar

Former U.S. Marine Jon Hammar has been held in one of Mexico's most notorious prisons since last August. He was jailed on a weapons charge. But his parents and people who know him well say it's all a misunderstanding.

Jon Hammar is a combat veteran. He suffers from PTSD. Last August, after treatments for the condition, he and another friend decided to take a trip to Costa Rica through Mexico. They planned to do some surfing (family tried to dissuade them from driving but, in addition to baggage, they were also traveling with nine surfboards). Hammar also decided to take his grandfather's shotgun, an ancient 410 Sears and Roebuck model.

Before they crossed the border into Mexico, U.S. Customs and Border Protection knew of the weapon because Hammar declared it. U.S. Customs waved them through. When they reached the Mexican border, the men prepared to register the weapon with the Mexican authorities. Unfortunately, because of Mexican law, the gun barrel was too short by one inch. While the weapon is used for hunting purpose, the Mexican authorities declared it a military weapon. The men were immediately arrested. When Hammar said it was his weapon, his friend was released.

On August 20th, Hammar was charged with carrying a deadly weapon. He's been in CEDES prison, a notorious prison populated by drug cartel scumbags. Since his arrest, his parents have received threats demanding payment or their son would be killed. They were advised by American authorities not to pay any ransom money.

To date, U.S. authorities have been unable to get him released. For his protection, they've managed to get him into solitary confinement. If convicted, Hammar faces 12 years in prison.

It's often said we do not leave any of our troops behind. Let's pray the U.S. government honors that code.

Topeka Police Officers Jeff Atherly And David Gogian: End of Watch December 16, 2012

 Jeff Atherly

David Gogian

On December 16, 2012, Topeka, KS, police officers Jeff Atherly and Cpl. David Gogian were shot and killed while checking out a suspicious vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

Several minutes after making contact with the subjects in the vehicle, one of them opened fire fatally killing both officers. The subject who killed the officers was later killed by police as he was exiting his home carrying a firearm.


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