Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Education Center At Vietnam Veterans Wall Memorial; Pentagon Creates Brain Bank; Hottest Jobs For Military Veterans; RIP Dep. Sheriff Scott Ward

America's veterans embody the ideals upon which America was founded...Steve Buyer

New Education Center At Wall To Tell Heroe's Stories

Yesterday, military brass and VIP's broke ground on the new Education Center at The Wall. The $85 million project will begin when all of the money is raised--a requirement for construction on the National Mall. The Center has been in the works for 12 years. It's raised over $47 million to date.

The Education Center will tell the stories of the 58,282 servicemembers who died in the Vietnam War or later as a result of service in Vietnam. In addition, it will also tell stories of those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This will connect the nation's past with the nation's future...It really brings a person alive," said Jan Scruggs, president and founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
Stars & Strips, USA TODAY

Pentagon Creates Brain Depository

The Pentagon has created a brain bank to research the damage that can occur during military service.

The key goal is understanding subtle changes to the brain, which, over time, can result in dementia. Many of our troops have suffered concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of IED's in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Mild traumatic brain injury is one of the signature injuries of the war...The brain repository is one way of helping with untangling some of the mysteries, " said Jonathon Woodson, the Pentagon's top medical officer.

The brain depository is part of a new $70 million Center for the Study of Neuroscience and Regeneration in cooperation with the Defense Department and National Institutes of Health
Army Times, USA TODAY

What Are The Hottest Jobs For Military Veterans?

With veteran unemployment still at record highs, unemployed veterans should take a close look at the current popular jobs for veterans:

  • Information Technology Specialist: Military service members work with some of the most sophisticated technology available today. This type of experience is easily transferable to a civilian career.
  • Law Enforcement: The qualities inherent in being in the military are similar to those found in law enforcement. Both have the desire to not only serve their country, but also to serve their communities.
  • Civilian Public Service: Many military veterans have the skills and experience that translate well into a life of public service on the local and/or federal levels.
  • Medical: Military medics and corpsmen are trained in the most up-to-date sophisticated medical skills and technology. With additional civilian training, medics and corpsmen are well suited to perform as physicians, physician assistants, nurses and medical assistants.

RIP Deputy Sheriff Scott Ward

The End of Watch for Deputy Sheriff Scott Ward of Balwin County, Alabama, came on Nov. 23, 2012.

Deputy Ward was shot and killed after he and two other deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call. As the deputies were speaking to the subject, he produced a handgun and opened fire on the deputies. Deputy Ward and one other deputy were shot before the subject was killed by return fire.

Deputy Ward was a 15 year veteran of the department. He was also a reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard. He is survived by his wife.


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