Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Courage of Police Lt. Brian Murphy; 16 Military Athletes Compete in London Olympics; NY City Opens Employment Services Center For Veterans; Clothing for Homeless Veterans; Serving Wounded Warriors; IAVA Launches New Campaign To Defend The New GI Bill; Happy Birthday To the U.S. Coast Guard; August: Agent Orange Awareness Month

"Courage is being scared to death---but saddling up anyway."...John Wayne

Police Lt. Brian Murphy's Courage At The Sikh Temple Shooting

You can't take the Marine out of any Marine. The same can be said for a Marine's courage. This was certainly the case with Police Lt. Brian Murphy of the Oak Creek Police Department last week.

It was Lt. Murphy who was shot at least 9 times as he tried to help victims of the Sikh temple shooting last week. "He took nine bullets and he was still telling {fellow cops} what to do. He is a hero," said Murphy's father, James.

Lt. Murphy remains in critical condition.

He's 51 years old and served in Afghanistan. Let's keep Lt. Murphy in our prayers.

The Sweet 16: USA Is Represented By 16 Military Athletes At Olympics

The United States military is represented well at the London Olympics. Sixteen military athletes are competing in six sporting venues: fencing, shooting, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, track and field and the modern Pentathlon.

Army Sgt. Vincent Hancock became the first shotgun to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in men's skeet.

New York City Opens Employment Center Exclusively For Veterans

With a $600,000 grant in hand,  New York City's Mayor Bloomberg opened the city's only employment center that will serve unemployed veterans. The funding was provided by the Robin Hood Foundation.

For the approximately 8,600 unemployed veterans, the center will provide job counseling, training and pay for qualified veterans to get commercial driver's licenses.
NY Post

Clothing Left At Airports Might Go To Homeless Veterans

Legislative action is being considered by the House that  would direct the TSA to distribute unclaimed clothing left at our nation's airports.

It is estimated 75,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Many of these homeless veterans need clothing. Passengers abandon thousands of pounds of clothing annually at airports.
Stars & Stripes

Freedom Is Not Free Serves Wounded Warriors

Freedom is Not Free is a non-profit organization that provides grants to recipients of the Purple Heart and their families to assist them in meeting their immediate financial needs. The funds can be used for home modifications, medical bills, travel and paying bills.

For more information contact:

IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) Launch Aggressive Campaign To Protect Student Veterans from Predatory For-Profit Schools

According to the IAVA, approximately 750,000 veterans and family members have utilized the New GI Bill. But, due to a loophole in the law, for-profit schools rake in an extra $125,000 per veteran. However, these same schools are also reporting a 70% drop-out rate. In addition to the high drop-out rates, these same schools have high loan default rates. IAVA also reports that the for-profits cost two to four times more than public universities and community college.

IAVA points out that these for-profit schools capture more than a third of all GI benefits but enroll only a quarter of veterans.

If you have any questions about schools, and on this developing initiative, interested veterans can contact IAVA at 212.982.9699

Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard

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