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Aurora, Colorado Heroes; Kudos To Aurora First Responders; Why Employers Should Consider Veterans; Reverse Bootcamp To Help In Transition Troops To Civilian Life; RIP Police Officer Jeremiah M. Goodson, Jr.

"He shielded her. He got down on the floor and covered her up," said Rae Iacovelli of the heroic action by Alex Teves in saving his girlfriend at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado last Friday night.

Dedicated To Heroes Wants To Take A Moment To Honor The Heroes of Aurora, Colorado

Of the 12 victims of the shooter last Friday night in Aurora, three young men proved to be heroes among many. All three shielded their beloveds from the hail of bullets that rained upon those in the movie theater. These three include Alex Teves, 24; John Blunk, 26 and Matt McQuinn, 27. Blessing upon these heroes, their families and friends.

Aurora First Responders Commended For Outstanding Job

By all accounts, police, fire and medical personnel responded and reacted quickly to the shootings at the theater.

Police caught the suspect quickly. Aurora police arrived in less than 2 minutes after emergency calls from the theatre. It's believed the fast action by the police and law enforcement prevented more deaths and injuries.  Police drove several of the wounded to hospitals in their patrol cars, and probably saved more lives doing so.

In addition to police, first responders triaged patients and continued transporting them to the hospitals. Hospitals were already in lockdown and prepared to care for wounded patients. In fact, all of the hospitals in the area were following emergency disaster plans developed specifically for such crises. They were faced in treating patients with multiple and penetrating gun shot wounds to the abdomen and/or chest.  Doctors, nurses and staff from other parts of the hospitals were already in the emergency rooms bringing blood and other needed supplies.

Since the Columbine massacre in 1999, the hospitals in the area and hospitals across the nation, have trained their staff in dealing with mass casualties.

Transition (Reverse) Boot Camp To Help Troops Leave Military

A new five-day transition curriculum will assist troops leaving the military in adjusting to civilian life. The new program, significantly changing the current transition program in place for the last 20 years, will offer training in job skills, personal finances and veterans benefits. In addition, lessons will also cover basic budgeting, resume preparation, dealing with family adjustment and more.

Military Veterans Offer Employers Valuable Skills And Experience

The military veteran unemployment rate now stands at 13.1%. The fact is many veterans returning home have skills and experience that can be of value to many employers. These veterans are trained in a variety of skills including, but certainly not limited to, medicine, computer technology, electronics, large and small equipment operators, logistic specialists,  aircraft mechanics and maintenance, cooks and administrative personnel.

Just as important, veterans bring leadership skills, teamwork, efficient performance under pressure, integrity, knowledge of health and safety and diversity to the workplace.

If you're an employer, considering hiring a veteran---today.
(Veterans Today)

RIP Master Police Officer Jeremiah M. Goodson, Jr.

Officer Goodson of the Lumberton Police Department in North Carolina was shot and killed as he and another officer attempted to arrest a man at a local gas station.

Officer Goodson, who was off duty, recognized a subject as being wanted on outstanding warrants for possession of a firearm by a felon and failure to appear in court. Officer Goodson called the police department informing other officers of the subject's location. After another officer arrived, they both approached the subject's vehicle. The subject opened fire from inside his vehicle, striking Officer Goodson in the chest. The other officer and responding units were able to take the subject into custody.

Officer Goodson was a 6 year veteran of the department. He is also survived by his expectant wife and one child.

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