Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Chesty!; Army Dumps Pixel Camo; Philadelphia's Vietnam Memorial To Expand; Hero NYPD Officer Shot Twice Still Makes Arrest; RIP Police Officer Celena Hollis; VA's Health Vet

"We're surrounded. Good. Now we can kill the bastards in any direction."  Lt. General "Chesty" Puller, USMC

Happy Birthday Chesty!

Today marks the birthday of Lt. General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, USMC, born June 26, 1898. Chesty was the most decorated U.S. Marine in history. He was also the only Marine awarded five Navy Crosses. Chesty also received the Silver Star, Legion of Merit (2), Bronze Star, Air Medal and Purple Heart.  When anyone refers to a Marine's Marine, they always refer to Gen. Puller.

Chesty served in The Banana Wars (Haiti and Nicaragua), World War II and Korea.

Gen. Puller remains part of Marine folklore. In fact, in boot camp, Marines end their day with, "Good night, Chesty Puller, wherever you are."
Chesty died on 11 October 1971 at age 73. He's buried in Virginia at Christchurch Parish Cemetery. Hoooah!!!

Army Ditches Pixel Army Camo

After 8 years of use and over $5 billion in development, the Army decided to get rid of the pixel camo also known as Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). In short, the Army reported the camo failed to do what it's suppose to do: hide the soldier.

The "Duty To Remember" Campaign To Raise Funds To Expand Philadelphia's Vietnam Memorial

One of the most beautiful Vietnam Memorials is in Philadelphia, PA. The memorial honors 646 native sons who died while serving in Vietnam. The memorial is an enclosed amphitheater with facing walls of polished, charcoal grey granite. The Memorial also includes the "wall of scenes" comprised of 10 panels that depict Vietnam War scenes beginning with the launching of aircraft from the an aircraft carrier in 1964 to the rescue of Vietnamese refugees in 1975.

While the Memorial has been a sanctuary for veterans over the years, the secluded nature of the Memorial has also bred vandalism (In fact, just two weeks ago, two skateboarders did approximately $8,000.00 of damage to the granite. I personally spoke to a veteran who stands guard at the Memorial and he showed me the damage. I'll reserve exactly what I said but I can say my comment began with F and ended with bastards).

The Memorial Fund needs to raise $500,000 to open up the Wall to the Spruce Street side to make the Memorial more inviting and also to serve as a deterrent to vandalism. For more information, contact: http://www.pvvm.org/ or send a check to: Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 213 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Let's help them reach their campaign goal!!!
(By the way, Philadelphia's Korean War Memorial is right across the street from the Vietnam Memorial for those planning to visit)

NYPD Officer Nelson Vergara Shot Twice And Still Makes Arrest

Last week,  off-duty NYPD Officer Nelson Vergara was walking home when a Adonis Almonte threw a bottle at him. As Officer Vergara approached Almonte, a Honda sped by and started shooting at Almonte When a man was set to shoot Almonte again, Vergara ID's himself as a police officer and was shot. The 12 year NYPD veteran returned fire and wounded the shooter.

Officer Vergara, 36, was shot twice, in the shoulder and right leg. Although shot, Vergara was still able to arrest Almonte. Officer Vergara was relased from the hospital yesterday. In addition to serving on the NYPD, Vegara is veteran who served in the Marine Corps and survived two tours of duty in Iraq.
(NY Daily News)

RIP Police Officer Celena Hollis

Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis was killed on June 24, 2012, while attempting to break up a fight at a jazz festival. While trying to break up the fight, one of the subjects opened fire with a hand gun and Officer Hollis was shot in the head.

Officer Hollis was a 7 year veteran of the Denver Police Department. She also served four years with the Detroit Police Department.

Veterans View Your VA Appointments Online at "My HealthVet."

"My HealthVet" is the VA's online Personal Health Record (PHR). This new tool gives veterans more control over their health care. It gives vets a detailed view of VA clinic appointments 24/7.

For more information, visit your local VA Medical Center or go online and visit: http://www.myhealth.va.gov/

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