Tuesday, May 8, 2012

See What Our Military Does 24/7 Ensuring Our Freedoms; Hooah! To Prince Henry and William; RAF's Polish Pilots: The Forgotten Few

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" {"If You Want Peace; Prepare For War"}... Flavius Renatus, Roman Military Strategist

In keeping with what Flavius Renatus reminded us over 2000 years ago, the following are images of what our military men and women do to each and every day to ensure our freedoms:

Kudos To Both Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry and William were honored this week for their work to help rehabilitate wounded veterans and to help smooth their transition into military life. Both received the 2012 Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership. Prince Harry and William are also military officers. Harry served as a tank commander in Afghanistan. William served as a Search and Rescue pilot.

Honoring The RAF's Polish Pilots

Last week, I was inspired by a very close friend whose father was a Polish pilot who flew for the RAF in WWII. I recall my dad telling me stories about Polish pilots in the RAF. 

Polish pilots were assigned to No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron. It was the highest scoring squadron in The Battle of Britain claiming 126 kills in six weeks. No. 303 was considered one of the most effective RAF squadrons during WWII. By the time the war ended, No. 303 had accumulated 9,900 combat sorties.

The image above is the RAF bracelet worn by Alfons Filipiak, my friend Basia's father , the heroic Polish RAF pilot who passed 30 years ago.  Rest in Peace Mr. Filipiak and thank you.


  1. I must say ...This is an Awesome Post !!!! Thank you for keeping our Country safe, Knowing we got you to watch our Backs!!!!