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Veteran Buddy Finder; NCO Support; A Home for Homeless Veterans; Veteran Raises Flag Everyday To Honor All Veterans; America's Best Sniper; 2012's Bad Start For Law Enforcement

"Cluster bombing from B-52's is very, very accurate. The bombs always hit the ground."---U.S.Air Force.

Search for Your Buddies

Are you active duty or a veteran and you want to reconnect or find old friends? You can do that now with Buddy Finder at Military.Com. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Go to

NCO Support and Information

Can you use the latest news about the Army and other information? Try visiting NCO  Some examples of the current information available at includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • How to retire on a military budget
  • Wounded Warrior Jobs
  • How to get advance pay
  • Information on military deployments
  • Promotion Trend Report
  • Information on military benefits

Homeless Veterans Have A Place To Call Home: Home of the Brave

In Milford, DE, homeless veterans have a place they can call home. Home of the Brave is a 15-bed, non-profit shelter that offers homeless veterans a warm bed, hot meals, resources and services to assist them getting back on their feet. Home of the Brave was founded in 1992 by eight Vietnam Combat Veterans. Since its founding, the facility has received grants from the VA. Any honorably discharged homeless veteran is eligible for services. When accepted, veterans can reside at the facility for one month. Extensions are granted based on motivation and need. The ultimate goal of Home of the Brave is to help the veteran become self-sufficient. Home of the Brave accepts donations. They can be reached at or call 302-424-1681 (Dover Post)

Robert Parker, A Veteran and Hero, Honors All Veterans Everyday

Robert Parker of Salisbury, N.C. wears a red shirt every Friday. Red is not even his favorite color. He wears red to honor our military. He does something else every day. He raises the U.S. flag in honor of our veterans. He's flown Old Glory in his front yard everywhere he's lived. He remembers when he entered Gables, a retirement community, he was surprised by the lack of flags flying in the community. But it didn't take long for his neighbors to follow his lead. Now more flags fly throughout the community. Parker also visits the local VA Medical Center on a regular basis. "I talk to them and given them encouragement, " he said.

Robert Parker is also the recipient of the Vietnamese Medal of Honor, a declaration given to foreign soldiers. He's also the recipient of the Bronze Star for bravery.(Salisbury Post)

Meet America's Best Sniper

He has 160 kills to his name.  He used a Win Mag rifle with a Nighforce 4.2-22 power scope. He was a Navy SEAL sniper. Among his fellow Navy SEALS he was simply known as "The Legend." Among the enemy, he was known as "The Devil of Ramadi." In 2008, just outside Sadr City, he killed an enemy from a distance of 2,100 yards. The enemy was aiming a rocket launcher at our forces.  His name is Chris Kyle. His mission was simple. To kill the enemy before he killed one of our own. Kyle was the recipient of two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with valor. Retired Chief Petty Officer Kyle is an American hero. (NY Post)

RIP Park Ranger Margaret Anderson and Sgt. Abimael Castro-Berrocales

2012's Bad Start for Law Enforcement.

Park Ranger, Margaret Anderson, was fatally shot on January 1, 2012, while attempting to stop a fleeing suspect in Mount Rainier National Park. Ranger Anderson was an 11 year veteran of the national park service. She is survived by her husband and two small children. Her husband is also a Park Ranger and was on duty at the time of this incident.

Sgt. Castro Berrocales of the Puerto Rico Police Department was shot and killed after stopping a speeding vehicle on January 1, 2012. As he approached the vehicle, he was immediately shot twice in the face and critically wounded. He was a 20 year veteran of the department. Sgt. Berrocales is survived by his wife and and three sons.

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