Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RIP NYPD Officer Peter Figoski; Vet Center Combat Call Center: 24/7 Help For Combat Veterans; Cover Their "Six" And Help Prevent Veteran Suicides; U.S Army Honors Belgian Nurse; Happy Birthday National Guard

"When a police officer is killed, it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation." Chris Cosgriff, Founder, Officer Down Memorial Page

NYPD Officer Peter Figoski Was Killed Yesterday In The Service of New York City

Police Officer Peter Figoski, a highly decorated officer and a single father of four daughters, was fatally shot in the face while responding to a home invasion robbery in Brooklyn, N.Y., yesterday. Officer Figoski was part of the back up team. Figoski and his partner, Glenn Estrada, arrived on the scene as two other officers were interviewing the victim and a witness. Unknown to the officers, the suspects were still inside the basement of the apartment building. As Figoski and his partner engaged the suspects, police report that one of the suspects, Lamont Pride, shot Officer Figoski in the face. The officer didn't stand a chance. Figoski died a few hours later in the hospital. Upon hearing the shot, Officer Estrada gave chase and apprehended the suspect after a two block chase. The other suspect fled and remains at large. The shooting of Figoski was the second death of a city police officer in the line of duty this year.
(Sources: NY Post and Officer Down Memorial Page)

Officer Figoski was a 22 year veteran of the NYPD. He is survived by his four daughters.

Many Are Asking...

Many are now asking how Lamont Pride, the alleged murderer, was allowed to be on the street, on any street in America instead of in prison. Multiple reports show, just a month earlier, he was arrested and charged with drug dealing in Brooklyn.  At the time of his arrest, he had an outstanding weapons-assault warrant in North Carolina, according to police. The DA's office asked for a low $2,500.00 bail. And the judge appeared to even care less. She released him on his own recognizance declaring only, "I am not going to set bail." In addition, his rap sheet shows three stints in jail in 2009, all within two months. In that same year, he was charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. He was ordered to serve 13-16 months, but was released earlier.
(NY Post)

Donations to the family should be mailed to:

The Peter Figoski Education Fund
c/o The New York Post
PO Box 1013
New York, NY 10108
(The NY Post wrote an initial check for $25,000.00)

Hundreds Mourn VA Tech Police Officer Deriek W. Crouse

Last week, we reported on the death of Virginia Tech Police Officer Deriek Crouse. Crouse was ambushed while and killed during a routine traffic stop. His funeral services were held this past Monday in Blacksburg, VA.

Vet Center Combat Call Center

1-877-WAR-VETS is an around-the-clock confidential call center where combat veterans and their families can call and talk about their military experience and other issues they are facing in their reintegration into civilian life. The staff is comprised of combat veterans and families from several eras.

Be A Battle Buddy To Help Veterans Prevent Suicide

The buddy system has a long history in the military. Now it's needed in civilian life to help prevent veteran suicide. According to the VA, there are approximately 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans. Approximately 7% of those are successful. 11%, who are not successful, try again within nine months.

If you need assistance or know a veteran who does have him or her contact the VA's suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255

After 67 Years, Belgian Nurse Is Honored By The U.S. Army

Augusta Chiwy finally received an award for valor by the U.S. Army.  Belgian nurse Chiwy saved hundreds of wounded American soldiers in World War II at the height of The Battle of the Bulge. According to the Army, Nurse Chiwy braved enemy fire in searching for wounded soldiers. Last June, she was knighted by the Belgian king for her heroism. (BBC)

Happy Birthday National Guard

This week the National Guard celebrates its 375th birthday.  The National Guard was founded in 1636 by the Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thank you Guardsmen for your service.

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